Ken Howard
Danny Dark
Ernie Anderson
Dream Girl USA
Syndication (Weekly): 9/1986 - 1987
Dream Girl Enterprises (Chambers-Seligman Productions) for 20th Century Fox Television

Dream Girl USA (not to be confused with ABC daytime's equally short-lived show Dream Girl of '67) was a short-lived beauty contest in which four women competed to reach the $100,000 finals.


Four women competed each week in a beauty contest. They were scored by four judges in four categories: Beauty and Style, Figure and Form, Talent and Personality. Every fifth week was a semi-final with the four previous weekly winners competing.

All of the semi-final winners retuned for a special one-hour final competition to determine the "Dream Girl of 1987". The grand prize winner received $100,000 and the runner-up got a Pontiac Fiero.

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  • Host Ken Howard was the star of the 1978-81 CBS TV drama series The White Shadow. His character for the show was Coach Ken Reeves.
  • Danny Dark is better known as the voice of "CBS" and later "NBC" and as the voice of Superman in the Superfriends franchise.
  • Ernie Anderson is better known as the voice of ABC.

YouTube LinksEdit

KTTV promo from 1986
KTXA promo from 1987

Semi-Final #2

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