Jan Murray (1953-1957)
Bob Eubanks (1981)
Terry O'Sullivan
Ken Roberts
Tom Reddy
Johnny Jacobs (1981)
Dollar A Second 1954 (1)
Dollar A Second 1954 (2)
DuMont Primetime: 9/20/1953 - 6/14/1954
NBC Primetime: 7/4/1954 - 8/22/1954, 7/5/1955 - 8/30/1955, 6/22/1957 - 9/28/1957
ABC Primetime: 10/1/1954 - 6/24/1955, 9/2/1955 - 8/31/1956
Dollar A Second 1981
Unsold Pilot for Daily Syndication: 2/7/1981
Trinity Productions (1953-1957)
Chuck Barris Productions (1981)
Distributor (1981, planned)
Worldvision Enterprises, Inc.

"(insert sponsor) presents Jan Murray starring in "Dollar a Second"!"

"From Hollywood, it's all fun and excitement as we play "Dollar a Second"! And here's the man who gives the money away, Bob Eubanks!"

The wild and crazy quiz/stunt show where contestants win money for every second they stay on the show.


Solo contestants or teams of contestants play a game of trivia and stunts. They earn one dollar for every second they stay in the game. Host Murray would ask questions under a specific category, the contestant(s) playing would answer those questions.

As soon as he/she/they get a question wrong, they must pay the penalty by performing a stunt, which requires choosing from five items, one of which results in a mess or embarrassment. Picking one of the four safe items beats the penalty and allows the contestant(s) to continue playing, but if the player must pay the penalty again, that choice is removed. One such stunt had one player placed on a slide that goes down towards a small above-ground swimming pool, and the partner had to pick one of five telephone numbers, one of which nobody on the other side would be available to answer. Should someone be there on the other end of the line, the person who dialed the number would say "I've got somebody!" and the penalty was beaten.

Failure to beat the penalty ends the game, but they keep whatever money they won at that point, and sometimes additional money based on the number of correct answers given.

Outside EventEdit

During each game, there was a special feature called the "Outside Event". The "outside event" is something that when it occurs, the game ends and the couple loses all the money they made while playing. For example, the couple has to pick an envelope that contains the number of round trips a model train can take and when it reaches that number the event is completed, but they won't know how many trips that train will have made until that mystery number has been attained. If at any time the outside event is completed, the game ends and the contestant(s) currently playing loses all the accumulated money, but may receive money or a consolation prize based on the number of correct answers they had attained.

Players may stop at any time, except when paying the penalty, and keep whatever they had earned up to that point.

1981 PilotEdit

Aside from having a new set (most notably a visible onstage money display), Chuck Barris now producing, and Newlywed Game host Bob Eubanks hosting, the game stayed pretty much the same. Players started at $100, and got a $500 bonus upon reaching the $500 mark.

Flyer (1981 version)Edit


A board game was manufactured by Lowell in 1956, with host Jan Murray on the cover.


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Rules for the 1981 pilot (1)
Rules for the 1981 pilot (2)
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