Dollar Sign Strike it Rich 86

A Dollar Sign is from the bonus round from the short-lived 80s game show Strike it Rich.


Usually seen in the bonus round, when one of the couples presses a red button on their monitor, six white stars would appeared on the screen and a dollar sign was revealed, each revealed dollar sign was worth $100, while a Bandit earned nothing. Depending on the chosen bonus prize, the couple had certain objective to accomplish. If they chose to play for $5,000, the couple had to uncover five dollar signs and could not uncover more than two bandits. Playing for the car required six dollar signs, and the bandit could not appear more than once. If the couple revealed too many bandits, the round ended and they were credited with any money from the previous revealed dollar signs.

Regardless of the outcome, each winning couple continued playing on the next show.

Show appearedEdit

Strike it Rich (1986-1987)

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