Brooke Burns
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NBC: 6/17/2002 - 8/26/2003
BBC/NBC Studios

Brooke Burns: “Hello, and welcome to Dog Eat Dog. Any of our contestants could leave the studio tonight with $25,000. But to do so, they must exploit everything they know about their opponents. To give our players the chance to size each other up, we sent them away to a training camp where we tested their physical, mental and social skills. Think of it as getting to know your enemies...or at least what they chosen to reveal!”

Dog Eat Dog was a short-lived stunt and dare show that was loosely based on the British series of the same name, where people perform zany stunts to avoid being sent to "The Dog Pound" and trying to win $25,000.


Before the show, six players spent a day together in a training camp. On the show, the six players will be shown a challenge. After Brooke explained how a challenge works, the players will vote for the one who is most likely to fail. The player with the most votes must face that challenge. If he/she fails, that player is sent to the "Dog Pound". If he/she succeeds, someone who voted for him/her gets sent to the Dog Pound in his/her place.

If there was a tie for most votes, then it was broken by the player who was randomly selected before the show in round one, and by the player who was last sent to the Dog Pound in each round thereafter.

The game is played in this manner until there are only two players remaining, who will go against each other head-to-head on the fifth challenge. The player who won that challenge becomes that night's "Top Dog"; the other is sent to the Dog Pound.

In the final challenge, the five players in the Dog Pound must answer enough questions correctly to stop the Top Dog from winning the $25,000 and split it among themselves. A category is shown on a screen, and the Top Dog must pick the member of the Dog Pound who is most likely to get a question wrong in that category. If a member of the Dog Pound gets a question right, the Dog Pound scores one point. If that member got a question wrong, the Top Dog scores one point. Once a member of the Dog Pound is picked, he/she cannot be picked again. The first side to score three points wins the money. If the money is won by the Dog Pound, it is split evenly, with each member receiving $5,000.

Interactive GameEdit

GSN had their own online interactive game based on the show at some point.

Set PicsEdit

International VersionsEdit

The following are a list of countries that have aired their versions of Dog Eat Dog:
United Kingdom (country that originated the program)


72px-TV-PG icon svg

to 72px-TV-14 icon svg (Some episodes are rated TV-14 when a "Strip" challenge is played)


"Here's how the game works: in each round I will show you a challenge. Then you guys vote for the person who you think is most likely to fail; whoever gets the most votes has to face that challenge. If you fail, you're off to the dog pound and you just kissed away your shot at 25 grand. But, if you succeed, it's time for revenge because you can send anyone who voted for you to the dog pound in your place. Got it? Let's play Dog Eat Dog." - Brooke Burns

"It's time to choose the loser." - Brooke Burns

"In the event of a tie here on Dog Eat Dog, the deciding vote will be cast to the person who was last sent to the Dog Pound." - Brooke Burns

"Here's how the final challenge works; I'll give you a category, and then you pick which member of the dog pound you think is least likely to answer a trivia question in that category correctly. If they get it wrong, you get a point, if they get it right, dog pound gets a point, first to 3 points gets all the money. Remember, once you pick someone, you can't pick them again." - Brooke Burns (during “Final Trivia”)


"Thanks so much for playing Dog Eat Dog!"- Brooke Burns



Based on the British show of the same name by Andrew Brereton, Howard Davidson and Lynn Sutcliffe.


Rules for Dog Eat Dog
Josh Rebich's Dog Eat Dog Rule Sheet
Official website of the show (via Internet Archives)
Pics of the set @ John Janavs' website

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