Andrew W.K.
Cartoon Network: 6/20/2009 - 9/21/2011
Mess Media
Idiot Box Productions
Destroy Build Destroy was a reality game show in which two groups (a "green" team and an "orange" team) of three teenage contestants get to destroy various objects, then use the wreckage to build machines with which to compete. The show features high-powered explosives, rocket launchers, bazookas, and other dangerous weapons. The winning team gets $3,000 as a prize; the losers' creation then gets destroyed by the team of the winning vehicle.

In Popular CultureEdit

Destroy Build Destroy was mentioned on MAD, where Destroy Build Destroy squared off against Bob the Builder. The segment was called Destroy Bob the Builder Destroy. Andrew W.K. and the contestants destroy all of Bob's construction vehicles and making them into something else, and then destroying them again. Bob then stands up for himself by making a robot out of his vehicles. Bob ends up winning the match by beating Andrew W.K. 


Dan Taberski and Scott Messick


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