Kala'i Miller & Lisa Canning
Destination Stardom
PAX: 1999-2000
Byron Allen Entertainment

Destination Stardom (also known as From Hawaii...Destination Stardom) was a short-lived talent show in which contestants competed for a cash prize and a shot at stardom.


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  • This series was taped in Hawaii by the producers of Star Search.
  • An unknown singer named Joanna Levesque (JoJo) has once appeared as a contestant in this series. see the bottom page called "JoJo videos".


Official Website

YouTube VideosEdit

Destination Stardom intro
Destination Stardom 1999
Destination Stardom clip

JoJo videosEdit

JoJo (8 years old)
JoJo - Chains and Fools *Live at Destination Stardom

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