Carson Kressley
Shanna Moakler
Cynthia Garrett
Crowned the mother of all pageants
The CW: 10/12/2007 - 1/30/2008
Swim Entertainment
Fox Television Studios

Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants was an eight-episode only reality competition series that featured multiple mother-daughter teams working together as pairs to try and win a beauty pageant competition.


Each pair attempted to brand "A" style for their mother/daughter team via clothing and swimwear, create ways of expressing a point of view about issues in the world. and practice for the big pageant dance number. The prize package included a $100,000 cash award, a custom-designed platinum and diamond crown necklace and tiaras.


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  • According to Crowned's official website, there was a casting call for a second season (Crowned 2) of the show. However, the show was cancelled on January 30, 2008.


Official Website (via Internet Archives)

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