Geoff Edwards
Johnny Jacobs
Unsold Pilot for CBS: 2/15/1972
Chuck Barris Productions

"JOHNNY: Ann Elder, what is your favorite way of terminating an affair? ANN: Um, let's see, I would have to say... uh... My favorite way of terminating an affair is to fire my boyfriend. JOHNNY: Do you think that Ann Elder's answer was honest or do you think she was "copping out" and not telling the truth? We'll find out. And here are some of Hollywood's most exciting stars who'll be helping you make up your mind. (insert celebrities)! And now, here's your host, the star of "Cop-Out!", Geoff Edwards!"

Cop-Out! was a unsold game show pilot that pit two contestants against each other, trying to see whether celebrities are being honest or "copping out" (not telling the truth).


Two contestants competed. Geoff would ask a question to one of the celebrities. The celebrity would give an answer and would lock in if he/she was honest or "copping out" (being dishonest). The other celebrities would then give their opinions on whether the chosen celebrity was honest or "copping out". One of the contestants would then guess if the celebrity was honest or "copping out". A right answer earned the player $100. A wrong answer gave the money to the opposing player along with an additional $100.

The players took turns answering questions. The player with the money won the game. In the pilot, no one guessed correctly until the final question which won $800.


Chuck Barris

Pilot 1 Main - "The Little Russian Song"
Pilot 2 Main - "Mother Trucker"
Commercial - "Too Rich"


Chuck Barris


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YouTube VideosEdit

The full pilot episode

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