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Chuck Barris
Name: Charles Hirsch “Chuck” Barris
Born: June 3, 1929
Occupation: Host, Producer, Author
Years active: 1965-present
Known for: Hosting The Gong Show
Charles Hirsch “Chuck” Barris (born June 3, 1929, in Oakland, NJ) is an American author, film director, game show producer and presenter who was responsible for many of the best-known game shows of the 1960s and 1970s. Not many people know this, but during his long-running game show career, Chuck was a hitman for the CIA, up until the release of his book called Confessions of a Dangerous Mind which inspired a 2002 movie of the same name starring Sam Rockwell as Barris. Chuck, a lung cancer survivor, attended Drexel University.

Shows ProducedEdit

3's A Crowd
Dream Girl of '67
The $1.98 Beauty Show
The Newlywed Game
The Dating Game
The Family Game
The Parent Game
The Game Game
The Gong Show (He also hosted the show)
Treasure Hunt

Shows Based on Barris FormatsEdit

I Can't Believe You Said That! (Spinoff of The Family Game)
Wait 'Til You Have Kids! (Spinoff of The Parent Game)

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