Christopher Francis is a game show contestant. He is most notable for appearances on The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune.

Price is Right RunEdit

In 1994, Francis appeared on The Price is Right. He got out of contestants row after a second try. He won a dinette set in one bid valued at $1,130 and won $500 in Punch A Bunch. He did not make it to the showcase but won $1,630.

Wheel of Fortune RunEdit

8 years later, he went on Wheel of Fortune. He did not make it to the bonus round but won $5,300.

Cumulative TotalEdit

He won $6,930 in total out of his game show playings.

YouTube VideosEdit

The following videos are from his YouTube account featuring his entire run on both Wheel and Price:
TPIR part 1
TPIR part 2
TPIR part 3
TPIR part 4
Wheel of Fortune Run

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