Art James
Tom Whitaker
Unsold Pilot: 1972
Art James Productions

Change Partners was an unusual unsold show.


Three couples are introduced, and one of the spouses is designated the "question answerer" and the other the "scorekeeper" (in this case, all of the men answered and all of the women kept score). The answerers were then moved to other scorekeepers and these new teams were staked with 200 points.

The first team is asked a question, and the answerer gives his answer. The scorekeeper decides whether to agree or disagree with the answer and a wager up to 100 points. The audience is told whether they are correct, but not the players. This continues for three questions per couple. An answerer may bluff, since the answerer is trying to help his wife to win rather than the assigned scorekeeper. This continues for two more rounds, with no changes in possible values.

After the third round was the "prize round": the couples are reunited, and they are shown nine possible prizes each with a point value. Only the highest value prize is awarded, and only if the couple has enough points for it. So each couple tries to pick a prize based on what they think they scored, or they can choose to cash out at $1/point and forfeit their chance at winning.

The bonus round allows the couple to convert their prize into a car plus some cash. If they choose to go, they are given one question and allowed to confer. AIf they are correct, the prize is converted into a car and the couple wins cash based on their total points doubled minus 1,000.


  • Chyron technology was used to show the audience whether each team was correct.
  • It is not known what would have happened if all three couples cashed out in the prize round, or all three tried to buy a prize they couldn't afford.
  • One question in the bonus round was "give me the first few words of the Declaration of Independence", with no particular clarification on what "few" meant.


Change Partners at The Game Show Pilot Light

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