Johnny Gilbert
Unsold Pilot for Syndication: 1971
Trustin-Pati Productions

Celebrity Table Tennis was an unsold pilot that had celebrities playing table tennis.


Four celebrities (Peter Lawford, Bob Crane, Jo Anne Worley, and Greg Morris) play singles and doubles matches for the charity or charities of their choice.


CBS Television City (Studio 31), Hollywood, California


  • The theme song was later reused as a cue on The Price is Right.
  • This pilot was one of the many game shows featured on the CBS special 50 Years from Television City. Strangely, the official Television City website has no listing for this show.
  • The show's mention in Broadcasting magazine (July 12, 1971, Page 46) lists the celebrities that appear in the aforementioned footage as being "on the initial episode". While the article claims the show was going into production, there's really no indication it ever got off the ground.

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