Celebrity fit club

A reality television series similar to The Biggest Loser which follows eight overweight celebrities as they try to lose weight.


VH1: January 9, 2005-April 5, 2010


Anthony Kalloniatis (Seasons 1-6)


Harvey Walden IV (drill instrctor)

Dr. Ian K. Smith (Doctor)

Rhonda Britten (Doctor)

Former MembersEdit

Dr. Marissa Peer (psychologist/Season 1)

Dr. David Katz (health expert/Season 1)

Dr. Linda Papadopoulos (psychologist/Seasons 2-4)

Stacy Kaiser (psychotherapist/Seasons 5-6)


The series is based on the British show of the same name, orginally airing on ITV from 2002-2006.

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