Jed Allan
Ron Futrell (2008)
Bill Buneta
Bobby Cooper
Dave Davis
Sherry Kominsky
Syndicated Special (The Celebrity Bowling Classic): 1969
Syndication (Weekly): 1/16/1971 – 9/1978
Syndicated (The New Celebrity Bowling): 1987
TVS Television Network: 2008
7-10 Productions
Peter Rodgers Organization (PRO)

From Hollywood, (insert celebrity team #1) meet (insert celebrity team #2) on Celebrity Bowling! Hello again, everybody. I'm Jed Allan, and welcome again to Celebrity Bowling, the game in which Hollywood's biggest stars do what millions of Americans do every day: have a good time bowling!

Celebrity Bowling featuring celebrities bowling their way to winning prizes for the home & studio audience.


Two teams of two celebrities compete in the competition in ten frames of bowling. Standard bowling rules apply. In addition, there was also a "best ball" rule in which the players on the team in control bowled side by side by lane and the player who bowled the worst in a single frame must then go for a spare by bowling in his/her partner's lane unless one of them bowled a strike. Players alternated lanes after each frame. And while the match was played in ten frames, two of them (6th and/or 7th) were not televised.

Each celebrity team played for home & studio audience members selected before the show.

The team with the most strikes won a prize for the home/studio partner. Another bonus prize would be awarded for scoring a "turkey" (three strikes in a row). Prizes were awarded according to the team's winning score and they were ranked in the scoring categories of 120, 150, 180, and 210, with the prize for a score of 210 usually being a trip or a new car.


In 1987, 26 episodes of The New Celebrity Bowling were produced for national syndication. Jed Allan again hosted.

In 2008, TVS Television Network began producing Celebrity Bowling for TV syndication, using the AMF Lanes at the Silver Nugget Casino in North Las Vegas, Nevada. The host of the 2008 version was Las Vegas TV sports anchor Ron Futrell. 13 episodes were produced.


This show was the by-product of a 1969 syndicated special, The Celebrity Bowling Classic, which ran for 90 minutes.


A record album called The Celebrity Bowling Christmas Album was released in 1973, where a couple dozen clips from the syndicated series, as well as a recording of Jingle Bells made from bowling sfx were featured. (NOTE: This short, crudely made novelty record may have not been released commercially.)


Metromedia Square, Los Angeles, California


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