Jed Allan

Bill Buneta
Bobby Cooper
Dave Davis
Sherry Kominsky

Syndication: 1/16/1971 – 9/1978
7-10 Productions
Peter Rodgers Organization (PRO)

From Hollywood, (insert celebrity team #1) meet (insert celebrity team #2) on Celebrity Bowling! Hello again, everybody. I'm Jed Allan, and welcome again to Celebrity Bowling, the game in which Hollywood's biggest stars do what millions of Americans do every day: have a good time bowling!

Celebrity Bowling featuring celebrities bowling their way to winning prizes for the home & studio audience.


Two teams of two celebrities compete in the competition in ten frames of bowling. Standard bowling rules apply. In addition, there was also a "best ball" rule in which the players on the team in control bowled side by side by lane and the player who bowled the worst in a single frame must then go for a spare by bowling in his/her partner's lane unless one of them bowled a strike. Players alternated lanes after each frame. And while the match was played in ten frames, two of them (6th and/or 7th) were not televised.

Each celebrity team played for home & studio audience members selected before the show.

The team with the most strikes won a prize for the home/studio partner. Another bonus prize would be awarded for scoring a "turkey" (three strikes in a row). Prizes were awarded according to the team's winning score and they were ranked in the scoring categories of 120, 150, 180, and 210, with the prize for a score of 210 usually being a trip or a new car.


A record album called The Celebrity Bowling Christmas Album was released in 1973, where a couple dozen clips from the syndicated series, as well as a recording of Jingle Bells made from bowling sfx were featured. (NOTE: This short, crudely made novelty record may have not been released commercially.)


Metromedia Square, Los Angeles, California


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YouTube VideosEdit

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