Matt Vasgersian
Alex Borstein (Season 1 Only)
“Hollywood” Dave Stann
GSN: July 5, 2004 - January 11, 2005

Celebrity Blackjack was a short-lived gambling game show that ran on Game Show Network. Celebrities played blackjack for their favorite charities. The series premiered on GSN July 5, 2004, and ended its run January 11, 2005. While Alex Borstein (Lois Griffin on Family Guy and former cast member of MADtv) was the co-host for the first season only; Matt Vasgersian hosted both seasons. “Hollywood” Dave Stann was the dealer.

Season One GameplayEdit

Five celebrities started each tournament with $100,000 in tournament chips and played 21 hands of blackjack. Minimum bets were $1,000 and maximum bets were $25,000 for the first ten hands. For hands 11-20, the minimum bet was $5,000 and there was no maximum bet. Double down for less is permitted. All bets throughout the tournament MUST be in $1,000 increments.  A player cannot bet the remaining $500 which it would count as an all-in bet when the minimum bet is $5,000. However, a player may use the remaining $500 for insurance. Insurance pays 2 to 1. Blackjack pays 3 to 2. The bets for the 21st and final hand were secret, with each player writing his/her bet prior to the hand being played. The deck included four jokers into the six decks they play with. Whenever a player is dealt with a joker card as one of the first 2 cards, a player will have a choice to replace any card on the table still in play once a player has received their first two cards (meaning, once a hand is stood on, it's no longer in-play). A player can also take the dealer's up card, if they wish.

Caroline Rhea was the champion in season one, winning $100,000 for her charities (Much Love Animal Rescue and Project ALS).

Season Two GameplayEdit

Gameplay was the same in season two, but with exceptions:

  • Four celebrities per table, instead of five.
  • The deck included six jokers instead of four.
  • The tournament featured ten preliminary rounds, two semi-final rounds, and a final table. Each preliminary table had four celebrities and each semi-final table had five players that won their preliminary round. The top two finishers from each of the two five-person semis round will move on to the Final table for a chance at winning an additional $200,000 for their charity.
  • The winner of the preliminary round will receive $25,000 for their charity and move on to the semis round. For the Semis Round, the top two finishers (meaning first place will win an additional $75,000 and second place will win an additional $50,000) will move on to the Final table. For the final table, first place will win $200,000, second place will win $50,000, and the last two ... they still have at least $50,000 to give from the preliminaries and the semis.
  • The “five-card charlie” was in effect. If a player has five cards without going over 21, he or she would automatically won the hand.

Jason Alexander was the champion in season two. He won $300,000 for his charity.

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