Dennis James
DuMont Primetime: 6/20/1946 - 7/1/1947
Carr-Stark Productions

Cash and Carry was a game show that aired on the then-both affiliates of the DuMont network, making this the first network TV game show (prior to this, all game shows aired on a single local TV station). The show, sponsored by Libby's Foods, was played on a supermarket set and may have been a prototype for Supermarket Sweep.


Dennis asked contestants questions attached to cans of the sponsor's products, with correct answers worth anywhere from $5 to $25. Other tasks were stunts, such as a husband and wife having to work together for a common goal (such as the wife, blindfolded, having to feed her husband).

Home viewers could call in during the show to guess what was hidden under a barrel.


  • This was Dennis James' first game show.
  • No episodes are known to exist, as almost all television broadcasts from the first year of United States network television are lost due to a lack of means to preserve such content. The known exceptions are a few episodes of Kraft Television Theatre from early 1947 which were made to test the kinescope process which allowed television series to be preserved.

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