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These are the many products/merchandise/goods that were brought to us due to the success of Card Sharks.

Board GameEdit

To celebrate the show's 25th anniversary at the time, a board game was made and released by Endless Games in 2002[1]. Although it used the logo of the 2001 revival, it was based on (and had the same rules of) the 1980s versions. In addition, the opening poem from the 1978 version was placed on the back of the box. The game contains a red deck and blue deck; however, players can use Bicycle and Hoyle decks, if they so choose. The questions and answers are in a book that also includes the instructions.[2] Like any game show board game, it also contains a pack of play money.

Computer GameEdit

A version was released for the Apple II series[3][4], Commodore 64[5], and IBM-compatible computers; although based on the Eubanks/Rafferty version, the host resembled Perry. The game used the single sudden-death question tiebreaker in the main game and the Joker car game following the Money Cards. If a contestant got an exact guess on a question in the main game, he or she won a $100 bonus, instead of the $500 bonus on the show. Also, unlike the show, the game did not use the educated guess or audience poll questions.

Prior to the releases for the Apple II, Commodore 64 and IBM-compatible computers, the game was also re-released in a "Double Pack" along with Classic Concentration much later on.

Online GamesEdit

A single-player online version was once released by the now defunct website Even though its logo was the same as the short-lived 2001 syndicated revival, its gameplay was more like the 70s and 80s versions (minus the poll questions). 

In 2004, the now-defunct website,, had an online beta game based on the original Perry version. Its logo (seen on the bottom of this description) is based on the original 1978-81 version while its theme song is a mixture of the '78 and '01 themes and uses TPIR-like gameplay instead of poll questions. The site also features The Hometown Price Is Right and two unreleased game show-based games of Press Your Luck and Let's Make A Deal.[6]

Mobile GameEdit

A version for mobile phones was released on June 1, 2005 by Telescope Inc. The logo was based on the short-lived 2001-2002 version; the theme music was a MIDI-style remix of the 70's version, while its gameplay is based on the 70's and 80's versions. More poll questions were also available for download.[7]

Interactive Online GameEdit

GSN, the network that reruns Card Sharks daily, had its own short-lived interactive version where you can play along with the show in 2005.

Unreleased GameEdit

In the 80s, GameTek[8][9][10]was going to release an NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) port based on the Eubanks/Rafferty version at the time. However, it was scrapped later on. Judging from the picture, this was from when the car frame was added to the Eubanks version, as the Rafferty version was already axed.

Downloadable GameEdit

Curt King, 1987 Jeopardy! Teen Tournament participant, has his own downloadable Money Cards game[11].

Flash GameEdit

The people at FlashGames also had their own Money Cards game.[12]



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