"Winning a game show is great, but seeing pictures of a game show is fun. You're about to see the following pictures of a show where contestants can win a ton!"

"You love watching two contestants do battle on television, with a standard deck of 52 playing cards as they race, but seeing these memorable pics of each incarnation, will sure put a smile on your face, INNNN...the Card Sharks Gallery!"

Logos over the yearsEdit

Pilot Logo (1978)Edit

Closing logosEdit

1978-1981: Original NBC versionEdit

1986-1989: CBS daytime versionEdit

1986-1987: Syndicated versionEdit


Card BacksEdit

1978-1981 EraEdit

1986-1989 EraEdit

Print AdsEdit

1978-1981 EraEdit

1986-1989 EraEdit

Other PicturesEdit

1978-1981 EraEdit

1986-1989 EraEdit


Card Close-UpsEdit

Rafferty Version Prize CardsEdit

Cards from the setEdit

Face Cards (1978 & 1986 eras & G$M era)Edit

Prize Cards Designs (1986 era only)Edit

2000/2001 PressEdit

2000 (Pilot)Edit

2001-2002 EraEdit

Related PicsEdit

Face CardsEdit

Additional LogosEdit

2006 G$M EraEdit

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