Jack Lescoulie and Fred Davis
Brains and Brawn 1953
NBC Primetime: 9/13/1958 - 12/27/1958
Ile de France International Productions

This version of Brains and Brawn plays very different the 1993 version.


There were two teams comprising two contestants each: two celebrity guests formed the "Brain" portion (hosted by Davis) and two other contestants formed the "Brawn" portion (hosted by Lescoulie).


  • The show's complex structure puzzled audiences and sponsors alike, resulting in the series being sustained by the network and its quick demise.
  • A slightly similar show called Brains & Brawn aired for a few months in 1993.

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Intro of the October 4, 1958 episode (Sally Kirkland & Willie Mays vs. James Laver & Jackie Jensen)

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