Opening SpielsEdit

Pilot Opening Spiel: "Let your body do the talking onnnnnnn... "Body Language"! Let's meet the players: Jenilee Harrison and her partner Anne-Marie Johnson! And for the men, John Bauman and his partner Sam Houston! Now here's the star of "Body Language", Tom Kennedy!"

Series Opening Spiel: "It's a game for the uninhibited, and our stars this week: (celebrity #1), and (celebrity #2). Watch their bodies do the talking on... "Body Language"! And (now,) here's the star of "Body Language", Tom Kennedy!"


"The object of Body Language is to act out a series of words to help your partner solve a puzzle."

"We're gonna show you five of seven missing words that will fit into a puzzle. And we're gonna show that puzzle a little bit later on. Now you have to use body language to act out as many words as you can, for (insert contestant) to get. And the more words s/he guesses, the easier it will be to solve that puzzle. Now we're gonna show the words, one at a time, and you'll have 60 seconds to act out as many as possible. And you can pass at anytime and we'll go back to those words, if there's time remaining."

"60 seconds on clock. (DING!) Here's your first word... GO!"

"The first team to reach $500 or more, wins the game and a chance to win up to $10,000."

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