Bob Clayton
Bob Clayton
Name: Bob Clayton
Born: August 17, 1922
Died: November 1, 1979
Place of death: New York City, NY
Occupation: Host, announcer
Years active: 1961-1978
Known for: His game show hosting & announcing career
Bob Clayton was a game show host and announcer. In 1963, he began announcing the NBC daytime version of Concentration, and took over from Hugh Downs as host in 1969. Briefly, he was replaced by Ed McMahon in March, but returned that September and hosted until its cancellation in 1973. Afterward, Clayton returned to announcing duties, mostly on shows created by Bob Stewart, including the $10,000 and $20,000 versions of Pyramid. He also announced the short-lived shows Pass the Buck and Shoot for the Stars. Clayton passed away in 1979 due to cardiac arrest.

Shows hostedEdit

Shows announcedEdit

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