Mac Maki
Jim Davidson
Kiana Tom
Cory Miller
Alan Vano
Pat Parnell
Eric Wylie
Chris Mitchell
A.J. Jackson
Kim Bowie
Kati Blumer
Donna Dennis
Deanna Wilshire
Syndication (Weekly): 10/1/1994 – 4/30/1995
Blade Warriors Productions
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Blade Warriors was a short-lived, weekly one-hour competition featuring players who tested their athletic ability by completing stunts as the skated.


Contestants take on the show's Blade Warriors in a series of physical challenges while all of them are on rollerblades. The contestants vie for a prize of $100,000. It is unknown for certain, but rumors are flying around claiming that "Blade Warriors" may be a spin-off of "American Gladiators."

The only difference in the two shows is that while the "American Gladiators" use stage names such as "Siren," "Storm," "Hawk" and "Gemini," the "Blade Warriors" use their real names, such as Tammy Gantz, Eric Wylie and Kati Blumer.

Also, the Gladiators are real professional bodybuilders while the Warriors are professional inline skaters.

The show was played in a tournament format, with the winners of the first 6 shows as well as the two highest scoring non-winners moving to the quarter-finals, the winners there moving to the semi-finals, the winners there facing off in the finals. Then another tournament begins with the winners of both tournaments competing in the grand finals for a $100,000 prize.


These are played on a rotating basis unless otherwise noted.

Blade ballEdit

always the first event, both contestants compete in a half pipe with 2 blade warriors. the contestants attempt to skate to the other side of the halfpipe and score a ball into one of 4 rows of pods, worth 2, 4, 6 or 8 points depending on the height. The warriors are allowed fully body contact in the pipe and the contestants have 60 seconds to score as much as they can.

Full TiltEdit

Each contestant faces the same warrior one on one. The two stand on a large teeter-totter that tips in alternating direction. no body contact is allowed. if the contestant stays on the platform for 15 seconds they score 5 points, 10 points if they last the full 30 seconds, 20 points if the warrior falls off. a 3 point penalty is assessed if the contender or the warrior stays in the center for more than 3 seconds. (the contender receiving 3 points if the warrior breaks the rule)

Techno TagEdit

both contestants play with 4 warriors, each of the warriors has 4 light sticks attached to them. the contestants attempt to steal these (one at a time) from the warriors and place them into their "power station" scoring 4 points for each light stick scored in 60 seconds.

Slam ShotEdit

A variation on hockey, each contestant faces the same 4 warriors, each warrior is assigned to a different zone. The contestant is given a hockey stick and attempts to move a puck through each zone. for each zone through which the puck enters the contestant scores 4 points, if they can score a goal in zone 4 within 60 seconds, the get a 10 point bonus for a potential 22 points.


Always played next to last, A variation of basketball, each contender chooses a warrior to be their teammate (first choice going to the trailing contender) each team tries to score a ball into their goal by ricocheting hit off a backboard and into their bin, each goal worth 5 points.

Block OutEdit

Each contender facing a warrior simultaneously for 60 seconds. the warrior is attempted to guard a wall of 24 blocks. while the contender tries to clear all the blocks beyond a boundary scoring 1 pt. for each block. full body contact is allowed but holding is not, this results in a 1 point penalty.


each contender faces a different warrior one on one for 60 seconds, both contender and warrior hold onto to bungee cords allowing them to jump higher on the ramps. the contender attempts to skate around and place a ball into one of 5 scoring trays. the trays get higher as the time goes on. the warrior skates around and tries to remove the balls. each ball left in the trays when time runs out is worth 4 pts.

Steeple SkateEdit

The final event: the two contenders race through an obstacle that consists of race up 5 ramps, sliding down a series of poles, climbing a flight of stairs, going down a flight of stairs, a rope climb, a bridge, a barrel run, then 3 rope swings and a quarter pipe to the finish line, the winner receives 35 points.


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  • The series went off the air before the 2nd tournament was completed. Rumors have suggested this was because the production company went bankrupt and that some of the warriors were never paid.
  • Kiana Tom is best known for her bodybuilding career and her ESPN exercise show Kiana's Flex Appeal.

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