Bindi Irwin
Bindi Irwin in June 2013
Name: Bindi Sue Irwin
Born: July 24, 1998
Occupation: actress, television presenter, wildlife carer
Years active: 2000-present
Known for: being the daughter of the late Steve Irwin (a.k.a The Crocodile Hunter)
Bindi Sue Irwin (born July 24, 1998) is an Australian teen actress, television presenter, Emmy award winner and daughter of The late Crocodile Hunter star Steve Irwin, and Terri Irwin.

Her first name comes from the name of her father's favourite female crocodile at the Australia Zoo, and her middle name is from the family's dog Sui, Sue. According to her father, Bindi is an Australian Aboriginal word that means "young girl."

Like her father, Bindi is the host of several television show about animals to which she shares some with her mother Terri and brother Robert "Bob" Irwin Jr. Her first was a documentary series called Bindi, the Jungle Girl. In June 2007, Irwin hosted a US television special called My Daddy the Crocodile Hunter, which was devoted to the life & legacy of her late father. Then in 2012 she hosted a reality show called Bindi's Bootcamp.

Recently, she is now one of the contestants on Dancing with the Stars.

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