Keegan-Michael Key
Charissa Thompson
Ross Mathews
Big Saturday Night
GSN: 2009

Big Saturday Night was a short-lived 2-hour summer block of live-interactive games, sketches and two new short-lived GSN original programs.


The series was an all-in-one entertainment package that features original game shows 20Q (hosted by Cat Deeley) and The Money List (hosted by Fred Roggin) (and later Deal or no Deal a non-GSN Original series hosted by Howie Mandel) with a variety of live in-studio games for audience members as well as live entertainment (music and comedy) celebrity guests and interviews.

Shows that appeared on the BSN blockEdit

The Money List
Deal or No Deal (added later)

YouTube VideosEdit

Show Opening
Premiere Opening
Part 1
Part 2


Deal or no Deal was the only non-GSN original series that appeared on the block later in its lineup until the blocks end.


Big Saturday Night @ Game show Garbage

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