Andy Richter
Joe Cipriano
Big Fan
ABC Primetime: 1/9/17-present
Smo King Baby
Banijay Studios North America

Big Fan is a new ABC primetime game show.


Three contestants battle it out to see who knows more about the stars they idolize. Each week, a famous celebrity is invited to the show and all the contestants playing that night are fans of that celebrity. The rounds they player are named for the guest celebrity. Only one of them will survive the battle and face the celebrity one-on-one.

Round 1Edit

Andy asks a series of multiple choice questions about the guest celebrity and the contestants secretly lock-in which choice they each think is right (either A, B or C). Each correct answer is worth 100 points. The player with the lowest score is eliminated from the game.

Round 2Edit

The two surviving players are being told a series of secrets about the guest celebrity. They each decide in secret whether the upcoming secret is true or false. Correct answer are still worth 100 points. The leader at the end of this round went on to face the celebrity in the final round.


In each of the first two rounds, if either of them or both of them ended in a tie, Andy will ask a numerical question to the tying players. The player with the closest guess moves on.

Final RoundEdit

Andy asks a series of toss-up questions about the guest celebrity. The first player to buzz-in with the correct answer scores the point. The player with the most points wins a little real fan.

End of the ShowEdit

At the end of each show, the guest celebrity has a big surprise for the night's winner. Similar to All Star Secrets.


Vancore Music


  • Late night host Jimmy Kimmel is one of the executive producers of this show. In fact, this program was based off of a game played on Jimmy Kimmel Live called Who Knows?.
  • This is the second show to be based off a segment from a late night talk show. The first was Lip Sync Battle, which came from The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.


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