Jamir Howerton 2009
Ashley Collins 2009, 2014
Chuck Galeti 2012-2013
Amanda Jahn 2012-2013
Steve Caminiti 2014
27687 100510009995697 8046673 n
SportsTime Ohio: 2009
577623 384607084919320 867514153 n
SportsTime Ohio: 2012-2013
SportsTime Ohio: 2014

A game show for Columbus in first version, Cleveland in second, and Cincinnati in the third. Hosts go around asking questions pertaining to Ohio Sports. There are three rounds: $10, $20, and $100. The player can walk away with their earned money at any time, but if they keep going and get a question wrong, the money must be returned.


Killer Tracks
Open (2009) - "Force of Habit" by Rik Carter

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