Bedroom Buddies was a short-lived game show from the producers of Studs.


Syndication: August 10, 1992 - September 18, 1992


Lighthearted Entertainment in association with United Entertainment Group/Chris Craft Television


Bobby Rivers


Main 1 - Def Jef
Main 2 - "Buffalo Stance" by Nenah Cherry


Three couples who were either married, engaged or living together answered questions about their lives together. The points they scored were indicated by pillows dropping from the ceiling.

Round 1Edit

In round one, a statement with three possible answers was given to one player from one couple. That player must decide which of the three choices was said by his/her partner beforehand. A correct answer earned one pillow. After one couple played the question, another couple played the same question in which one player from that couple must decide from the remaining two choices. The partner from that couple made previously made a choice from those. Six statements were played with two couples playing each.

Round 2 (Romantic Choices)Edit

In the second round called "Romantic Choices", each couple was given a question with two choices. Each player from each couple must decide which of the two choices was said by their partners. Again, each match was worth one pillow.

Final Round (Double Score or Nothing)Edit

In the final round of the game, each male player (one from each team) guessed how their partners as to where their partners would like to spend their bedroom fantasies. Each correct match doubled their pillows scores. The couple with the most pillows won the game and a trip.


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