Board GamesEdit

Lowell (1955)Edit

Released two editions plus a junior edition.

Milton Bradley (1969)Edit

Released two editions in 1969.

Endless Games (1999)Edit

Released only one edition at the time. Additionally, the props and booklet stunts are identical to the 1954 Lowell edition.

The game instructions, posted to Endless Games' site at one point, can be downloaded here.

Game BookletEdit

Goodson-Todman (1951)Edit

A tiny booklet called Let's Play Beat The Clock features over 40 stunts you can play at home. (NOTE: There are plugs throughout for the sponsor, Sylvania, and despite a 10-cent cover price, this was likely a premium mailed to viewers as a promotional campaign.)


Valentine Dolls (1950s)Edit

A doll modeled after Roxanne, Bud Collyer's attractive assistant who often took photographs of the contestants. The 18" doll walk and comes with her own camera. A highly prized and very rare collectible today, fetching over a hundred dollars on ebay.


Lowell (1955)Edit

A Target Game is unknown to be released or not.

Slot Machine GameEdit

A slot machine based on the short-lived 2002 PAX version was once released by WMS Gaming in 2008, in the game the top box shows eight pie-shaped 3-sided wedges segmented into a circle with each wedge being able to revolve three dimensionally and stop on any of the three sides. In the start of the bonus, each wedge segment displays credit values. There are lights around each wedge that light up randomly until a button press by the player stops the light on a credit wedge. Once the credit wedge id highlighted, all renaming wedges flip to reveal wedges displaying +5 or +10 and random multiplier. The remaining wedges light up randomly and the player has a second chance to try and increase the initial value. If he/she stops the light on the multiplier wedges, then the initial value is multiplied by the wedges multiplier value. If the light stops on a +5, then the player is awarded the initial value plus 5 credits and the game ends. If the light stops on a +10, then the player is awarded the initial value plus 10 credits and the game ends.

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