Host/Executive Producer
Jamie Foxx
House DJ
October Gonzalez
DJ Irie
Beat Shazam Main Title
FOX: 5/25/2017-present
Apploff Entertainment/MGM Television

Beat Shazam is a FOX primetime game show that's like Name That Tune for the 21st century.


Three teams compete for the right to beat the world famous musical app and win $1,000,000.


Main GameEdit

To start, a category with a dollar amount for each song is revealed. Then a series of songs under that category is played. When a song starts playing, four possible song titles are revealed. The teams secretly lock in their answer choices and the one who chooses the correct song wins the money. If two or all three teams choose the right title, then the team who locked in the fastest win the money. DJ October announces the winner of the question and their times are displayed on their podiums. Each category has four songs and the last song in each category is called the "Fast Track" song, which is worth double the dollars.

Now here are the values:

Category No. Value of first three songs Value of fourth song ("Fast Track")
1 $1,000 $2,000
2 $2,000 $4,000
3 $3,000 $6,000
4 $5,000 $10,000
5 $10,000 $20,000

Five categories are played and after the first three categories, the team with the lowest dollar total will be eliminated from the game. Once the fifth and final category is finished, the team with the most money wins the game and goes on to try and beat Shazam for $1,000,000. The 1st runner up team will leave with half the cash.

Beat ShazamEdit

In the final round, the winning team will try to identify six more songs before the app Shazam does for lots more money. What makes this round different is that there are no multiple choices. Also the team must say the exact title or it cannot be accepted. The first five songs are worth $25,000 each and the sixth and final song will double the team's bank. Prior to the final song, the winning team can decide to stop the game and keep all of their money or go for it and try to Beat Shazam and double their money. If the winning fails to Beat Shazam, they lose half their bank. However, if the winning team can beat Shazam by naming all six songs correctly, their winnings will be augmented to $1,000,000.


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