Joe Theismann & Kirk Herbstreit
Sideline Reporters
Harold Reynolds & Sam Ryan
Archie Manning & Ken "The Snake" Stabler
Battle of the Gridiron Stars
ESPN: 4/12/2005-5/17/2006
ESPN Original Entertainment/(eoe)
Trans World International

Battle of the Gridiron Stars features twenty of the best AFC and NFC players as they put their athletic prowess and pride to the test competing in a variety of tasks that have nothing to do with football.


For six consecutive weeks, viewers will see NFL stars compete in tasks including: Tug-of-War, Dodge ball, Rock Climbing, Home Run Derby, Tire Toss, War Canoe and more. Former NFL quarterbacks and Pro Bowlers Archie Manning (New Orleans Saint) and Ken "The Snake" Stabler (Oakland Raiders) will serve as Coaches for the national (Blue) and American (Red) teams respectively. Each 60 minute episode will conclude with the BOTGS signature event called "The Obstacle Course".

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Battle of the GridIron Stars Opening

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