Olivia Lee
James Rhine
Anthony Velazquex
Wesley Sellick
Johnny Pride
Chris Winters
Angel Catindig
Chad Tulik
Battle of the Bods
FOX Reality Channel: 10/29/2007 - 8/8/2009
True Entertainment

Battle of the Bods based on the short-lived British reality show called Hot Tub Ranking where five female contestants are ranked in order of attractiveness by a panel of judges...and by themselves.


The first of three rounds begins with five female contestants who are being ranked by three men with something in common (such groups included Reality Stars, Momma's Boys, Surfers, Businessmen, Nerds, and Gays). The men are placed in a soundproof booth, with a two way mirror. In this way they can see the women, but they can't hear them.

The First Three RoundsEdit

Round 1Edit

The women are told by hostess Lee that the men are ranking them according to a specific body part--legs, abs, butt, etc. The women decide amongst themselves how the men are ranking them. Their job is to rank themselves in the same order as the men. The conflicts in ranking often centered around most (not all) of the women insisting they were the best in every category and being angry when the group made them accept a lower predicted ranking, and the reactions of the women to being admired/panned by the voting men.

Each woman in the right position (rank) earns them $500, for a possible total of $2,500

Round 2: Ladies' ChoiceEdit

Before the show, the women chose what body part they would like to be ranked for this round. The same scoring rules from the first round apply.

Round 3: Full RankEdit

For this round, the ranking is for the whole package from head to toe. The same scoring rules apply, but for this round, if the women have the exact order, the money is doubled to $5,000.

Final Round: Guy's RankingEdit

For the final round, the roles are reversed: the women have to rank the men. The men strip down to their shorts and the five women have to rank the whole package, just like in the third round. If they get all three spots right, the women win another $5,000. If, however, they get even one spot wrong, they win nothing extra.

Thus, a perfect game is worth $15,000; the women each get an equal share of their total winnings from the game.

British VersionEdit

The original British version (as mentioned above) called Hot Tub Ranking hosted by Naoko Mori (as "Mia") aired on Channel 5 in 2005.

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