Barbara Niven
Name: Barbara Lee Buholz-Alexander-Niven
Born: February 26, 1953
Occupation: Host, Actress
Barbara Lee Niven (born Barbara Lee Buholz on February 26, 1953, sometimes known as Barbara Lee Alexander) is an actress, motivational speaker and author. Barbara starred in soap operas One Life to Live & The Bold and the Beautiful and was one of the stars in the two year old drama Pensacola: Wings of Gold. Niven also appeared in countless guest starring roles such as ER, Cold Case & Las Vegas. For one year, she was Michael Burger's co-host on the short-lived Straight to the Heart. Also, when not acting, Barbara also trains the media, as she is a Media Trainer. In fact, she created the media training program called Unleash Your Star Power.

Show hostedEdit


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