Jack Paar (1953)
Bill Cullen (May–July 1954)
Jimmy Nelson (July–August 1954)
Olin Tice (1953)
Bill McCord (1954)
CBS Primetime: 6/20/1953 – 8/8/1953
NBC Primetime: 5/15/1954 – 8/21/1954
Masterson-Reddy-Nelson Productions

"Yes it's BANK ON THE STARS! Where tonight you'll see (insert movie titles and stars)! And here in person is our bright young comedy star who just flew in from Hollywood, Bill Cullen!"

Bank on the Stars was a memory game show about movies.


Three teams (one at a time) competed in a game of memory, observation & knowledge of currently playing movies.

The team in control was shown a clip of a currently playing film. Then they were asked up to three questions (one part per player) about what they saw. Each teammate who answered correctly earned the couple $50 so there was a possibility of winning $100 on each question for a possible total of $300. Should any question be missed entirely, play stopped there, and if it happened on the first question, then as a consolation prize, both contestants on the team in control dug their hands (one from each player) into a barrel full of silver dollars.

Bank Night BonusEdit

The team with the most money won the right to play the Bank Night Bonus round which was a one question round. The catch was that the movie clip was listened to, not seen, by the winning team. Answering that question correctly won an additional $500; this was later changed to a jackpot that grew by $250 a week until won.

NOTE: At some point in the series, the values were halved; and the team always continued right or wrong.


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YouTube VideosEdit

A full episode from June 19, 1954: