Buddy Valastro (S1)
Lorraine Pascale (S2-present)
Bakers vs Fakers
Food Network: 10/2/2016-present
Cakehouse Media

Bakers vs. Fakers is a reality competition series that puts a combination of four home bakers and trained professionals in the kitchen.


Their true identities are concealed and they must tackle two rounds of challenges, each with a different surprise ingredient. The contestant whose dessert does not make the grade is eliminated after the first round. Then the three remaining bakers go head-to-head in another round with a new secret ingredient. With a level playing field, the judges determine the winner based on taste and presentation, and only after the decision has been made do the contestants reveal their true identities. If a professional's dish is best they take home a prize of $10,000 but if an amateur can beat the odds and the competition, they are rewarded with a even bigger prize of $15,000.


Official Website

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