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Title Genre
BBQ Blitz Cooking
BBQ Pit Wars Cooking
BBQ Pitmasters Cooking
Babble Panel Game (Pilot)
Baby Game Childrens
Baby Races Childrens
The Bachelor Reality
Bachelor in Paradise Reality
Bachelor Pad Reality
The Bachelorette Reality
Back That Fact Quiz, Comedy
Bad Girls All-Star Battle Reality
Baffle Word Game, Puzzle
Baggage Dating
Baggage on the Road Dating
Baggage: First Dates Dating
Baggage: Most Outrageous Moments Dating
Balance Your Budget Quiz, General Knowledge
Balderdash Board Game Conversion
Ballbreakers Sports
Bam's Bad Ass Game Show Stunts & Dares
Bamboozle Panel Game
Bands on the Run Reality (Music)
Bank of Hollywood Reality
Bank on the Stars Movie Trivia
Banko Bingo
Banzai Stunts & Dares
Bargain Hunters Lifestyle
Barmageddon Reality
Bartender Wars Reality (Food)
Baseball IQ Quiz, Themed (Sports)
The Batter's Box (IL) Quiz, Themed (Sports), Regional (Illinois)
The Batter's Box (MA) Quiz, Themed (Sports), Regional (Massachusetts)
Battle Dome Action & Adventure
Battle for Ozzfest Music
Battle of the Ages Celebrity
Battle of the Bods Reality
Battle of the Child Geniuses: Who Is the Smartest Kid in America? Quiz, Childrens
The Battle of the Ex-Besties Relationship
Battle of the Gridiron Stars Reality (Sport)
Battle of The Network Reality Stars Reality (Stunts & Dares)
Battle of the Network Stars Stunts & Dares, Celebrities
Battle of the Video Games Regional (California)
BattleBots Technological
Battlestars Quiz, Panel Game
Bay Area Quiz Kids Quiz, Academic
Be a Star Music
Beach Clash Tournament
Beach Flip Reality
Beat Bobby Flay Cooking
Beat the Blondes Quiz, General Knowledge
Beat the Champions Special
Beat The Chefs Cooking
Beat the Chimp Bizarre
Beat the Clock Stunts & Dares
Beat the Geeks Quiz, General Knowledge
Beat the Genius Panel, Quiz, General Knowledge
Beat the I.R.S Unsold Pilot
Beat the Odds Word Game
Beauty and the Geek Top Money Prize
Bedroom Buddies Relationships
Bedtime Stories Relationships
Beer Money (CA) Quiz, Themed (Sports), Regional (California)
Beer Money (IL) Quiz, Themed (Sports), Regional (Illinois)
Beer Money (NY) Quiz, Themed (Sports), Regional (New York)
Beer Money (OH) Quiz, Themed (Sports), Regional (Ohio)
Beg, Borrow & Deal Reality (Sport)
Ben 10: Ultimate Challenge Childrens
The Benefactor Reality
Best Friend's Date Dating
Best Friends Relationship
Best In Smoke Cooking
Best Ink Reality (Bizarre)
Best New Restaurant Cooking
Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris Reality (Variety)
Bet on Me Special
Bet On Your Baby Family Game
Bet the House Gambling
Better Half Reality
The Better Sex Quiz, General Knowledge
Bible Bowl Quiz Themed (Religion)
Bid 'N' Buy
Big Bad BBQ Brawl Cooking
The Big Big Show Variety
The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius Technological
The Big Break Sport
Big Brother Reality
The Big Date Dating
Big Deal Stunts & Dares
Big Fan Quiz, Themed (Celebrity)
The Big Game Trivia
Big Man on Campus Dating
The Big Match Dating
The Big Moment Family Game
The Big Payoff Lifestyle
The Big Showdown Quiz, General Knowledge
Big Spenders Consumer
The Big Spin Lottery, Regional (California)
The Big Stage Childrens
The Big Surprise Quiz, Big Money Prize
The Biggest Loser Reality
Biker Live Reality
Bill Bellamy's Who's Got Jokes? Reality (Variety)
The Bill Gwinn Show Relationship, Music
Billion Dollar Buyer Reality
Billy on the Street Quiz, Themed (Pop Culture)
Binge Thinking Quiz, Themed (Pop Culture)
Bingo America Bingo
Bingo Blitz Bingo
Bingo at Home Bingo
Birds of a Feather Unsold Pilot
El Bla Blazo Quiz, Themed (Popular Culture)
Black College Quiz Quiz, Themed (Ethnic History)
Black Poker Stars Invitational Poker
Blackout Puzzle
Blade Warriors Sports
The Blame Game Relationship
Blank Check Top Money Prize
Blankety Blanks Puzzle
Blind Date Dating
Blockbusters Quiz, General Knowledge
Blush: The Search for the Next Great Makeup Artist Reality
Boardwalk & Baseball's Super Bowl of Sports Trivia Quiz, Themed (Sports)
Bobcat's Big-Ass Show Stunts & Dares
Body Language Stunts & Dares, Puzzle
Body Talk Stunts & Dares
Boggle Board Game Conversion
Boggle: The Interactive Game Board Game Conversion, Interactive
Boiling Points Stunts & Dares
Bonus Bonanza Lottery, Regional (Massachusetts)
Boom! Quiz, General Knowledge
The Boot Dating
Boot Camp Reality
Born Lucky Stunts & Dares
Born to Dance Reality (Dancing)
Born to Diva Music
Bowling for Dollars Bowling
Boy Meets Boy Reality
Bracket Genius Quiz, Academic
Brain Blasters Quiz, Academic, Regional (Maryland)
Brain Game (IN) Quiz, Academic, Regional (Indiana)
Brain Game (NC) Quiz, Academic, Regional (North Carolina)
Brain Game (OH) Quiz, Academic, Regional (Ohio)
BrainBusters Quiz, Academic, Reigional (Pennsylvania)
Braingames Childrens
BrainRush Childrens
Brains and Brawn Quiz, Stunts & Dares
Brains & Brawn Childrens, Stunts & Dares
BrainSurge Childrens
Brainstormers Childrens, Academic Quiz, Long Island, New York
Break the Bank (1) Quiz
Break the Bank (2) Celebrity, Memory
Break the Bank (3) Quiz, Puzzle, Stunts & Dares
Bridal Bootcamp Reality
Bridalplasty Reality
Bride and Groom Relationships
Bride vs. Bride Relationships
The Briefcase Reality
Broadway To Hollywood Headline Clues Popular Culture
Broke A$$ Game Show Bizarre
Bromance Relationship
Brother vs. Brother Reality
Bruce Forsyth's Hot Streak Word Association
The Buck Stops Here Quiz, General Knowledge, Top Money Prize
Bud United Presents: The Big Time Reality
Buena Fortuna Stunts & Dares
Bullrun Racing
Bullseye (1) Quiz, General Knowledge
Bullseye (2) Reality
Bully Beatdown Reality
Bumper Stumpers Puzzle
Bunk Comedy (Improvisation
Burnout: The Ultimate Drag Race Challenge Reality (Sport)
Burt Luddin's Love Buffet Dating, Relationship
The Bus Stop Game Quiz, General Knowledge
But Can They Sing? Reality (Music)
Buy Like a Mega Millionaire Reality (Relationship)
By Popular Demand Variety
Bzzz! Dating

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