Ariel Tweto
Name: Ariel Tweto
Born: 1987
Occupation: actress, TV personality, pilot
Years active: 1981-present
Ariel Tweto (born in 1987) is a professional pilot, a TV personality and a former contestant on Wipeout (2).

During Ariel's Wipeout appearance, she received the nickname "Never Been Kissed" due to the fact that during her interview, she had never been kissed. Ariel was the first to beat the Big Balls obstacle in the qualifier course and she was infamous for saying "Where's the pole?" despite the fact that the pole was right in front of her. Ariel made two appearances; the first was during the first season, and the second was on the All-Star show.

Long after her Wipeout appearances, Ariel Tweto later became the star (along with her family) of the Discovery Channel reality show, Flying Wild Alaska. She even made appearances on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Show AppearedEdit

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