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Fred Travalena
Johnny Gilbert
Anything for Money
Syndication: 9/17/1984–9/1985
Bernstein-Hovis Productions/Impact Studios
Paramount Television

"Today on Anything for Money, (insert the situations from the episode)! Well, we'll find out as we ask the question, will people do Anything for Money? And now, here's the star of our show, Fred Travalena!"

Anything for Money was a short-lived, hidden camera game show where contestants watch video clips of zany stunts & practical jokes featuring average Joes & Josephines who may or may not participate in them for a little money.


Two contestants were shown three video clips of unsuspecting people who were offered money to do an oddball task. Before each clip, the contestants secretly predicted whether or not the parties involved will do those task. Each correct prediction won money for the in-studio contestants. The first video clip was worth $200, the second was worth $300, and the final clip was worth $500 for a possible grand total of $1,000. Both players get to keep the cash, but the player with the most money at the end of round three won the game and a bonus prize.

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Rules for Anything for Money

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A full episode from 1984

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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