George Fenneman
Ed Chandler
Judy Bamber
Andy Stewart
ABC Primetime: 7/6/1958 - 12/8/1958
John Guedel Productions

"ED: Tonight our contestants will be asked to identify stars in disguise. Can you identify this television star? Well, if you can't, I tell ya! It's Andy Stewart, assistant scorekeeper on ANYBODY CAN PLAY! Anybody Can Play presented by Salem cigarettes: Menthol Fresh; Rich Tobacco Taste; Modern Filter, too. JUDY: And here's our "Anybody Can Play" boy, George Fenneman!"

Anybody Can Play was a short-lived primetime game show where players competed to answer trivia questions more quickly than their opponents.


Four studio contestants competed for cash and prizes by answering questions on a point system. The questions ranged over many subjects, from naming a celebrity to guessing song titles. Players remained on the show for four weeks (later reduced to two) and viewers at home had a chance to win a $10,000 jackpot by correctly guessing a player's age, weight and ability. 


In the last month of the show, Judy Bamber was added as an assistant.

YouTube LinkEdit

Intro from late in the run

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