Andrew Krasny
Name: Andrew Krasny
Occupation: Host
Andrew Krasny began his career in college answering fan mail for the late, great comedian Joan Rivers. He then went on to "warm-up" over a thousand television studio audiences for stars such as Joan Rivers, Martin Short, Leeze Gibbons, Terry Bradshaw and shows such as The Mommies, America's Most Talented Kid, Prime Time with Jimmy Glick, Film Fanatic and countless others. He also found success behind the camera producing on both Emmy nominated Leeza and The Martin Short Show. Eventually, his irreverent personality led him back on-stage with on-air correspondent positions with talk shows including Crook & Chase, Donny & Marie, Carilyn & Marilyn, The Martin Short Show, Ebay TV, The Dennis Miller Show, Soap Talk and the Emmy Award winning Wayne Brady Show. in 2000, Andrew hosted the the relationship show Crush on the USA Network. Currently Krasny hosts "Court Report" for The Tennis Channel. He hosts/emcees professional tennis tournaments for both the WTA Women's and ATP Men's tours at Indian Wells, Miami, Stanford, Cincinnati, New Haven, The US Open and WTA Finals Singapore. He also lends his enthusiasm and expertise of consumer trends, toys and gadgets to countless TV shows, news and radio programs. Andrew is a Lacoste Ambassador and has spoken on behalf of companies including LG, HP, Philips Electronics, The Home Depot, Bang & Olufsen, Levi Straus just to name a few. He also travels the country extensively as a corporate host and motivator.

Shows he hostedEdit

Crush 2000
WTA Live! SoCal Adventure (2012)
Court Report (Tennis Channel) 



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