Charlie Jones (play-by-play, 1975-1976)
Lynn Shackelford (color commentary, 1975-1976)
Sam Riddle (field reporter, 1975-1976)
Dick Whittington (field reporter, 1975)
Regis Philbin (field reporter, 1976)
Bill Boggs (1977-1978)
Sam Riddle (1977-1978)
ABC Primetime: 7/31/1975 - 8/28/1975, 1/24/1976 - 5/2/1976
All-Star Anything Goes
Syndication (All-Star Anything Goes): 9/16/1977 - 9/1978
Bob Banner Associates
Robert Stigwood Organization

A huge tournament featuring teams from all over America competing in physical challenges.


Contestants divided up into three teams play a series of wacky and outrageous physical contests, earning points based on how they finished each game: 10 points for first place, 5 points for second place, and 3 points for third place. For the final event, the winning team scored 20 points with 5 points for second-place.

The team that wins moved on in the tournament.


Based on the French format Intervilles by Guy Lux.

Print AdsEdit


Junior Almost Anything Goes - Kids' version aired 1976-1977
The Grand Knockout Tournament - Special aired on USA in 1987


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Almost Anything Goes at Game Shows '75

YouTube VideosEdit

Clips of a 1978 episode (The New Mickey Mouse Club vs. Little House on the Prairie)

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