Alan Hunter
Alan Hunter
Name: Alan C. Hunter
Born: February 14, 1957
Occupation: Television and Radio Personality, Video Jockey (VJ), actor
Known for: being an MTV VJ from 1981 until 1987
Alan C. Hunter (born February 14, 1957 in Birmingham, Alabama) is an actor, radio show host and TV personality who was one of the original five video jockeys (VJs) on MTV from 1981 to 1987. (The other four were Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Martha Quinn, and J.J. Jackson.)

In addition to introducing music videos on the network, "A.H." also sub-hosted for Jim Lange on a special young people's edition of the game show Triple Threat. He also hosted the reality show Looking for Stars on the Starz cable television channel as well as the Encore series “Big 80s Weekend”.

In the mid-90s, Alan returned home to Birmingham, Alabama to start a film company called Hunter Films.

Shows HostedEdit


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