Mark Consuelos
Mark Philippoussis
Age oof Love TV series
NBC: 6/18/2007 – 8/6/2007

Age of Love was a twist on reality dating show. Several bachelorettes are presented. Half are young (20's) and half are older (40's) and it is up to one bachelor to find the perfect one.


The contestants were divided in two age groups. The "kittens" were the women in their 20s, while the "cougars" were the women in their late 30s to late 40s. Each week Philippoussis would accompany one or two of the women on a private date, and at the end of each episode would ask all but one of the women if they would continue to see him. The rejected woman would be eliminated; this continued each week until just one remained. For the show's season finale, the final three contestants flew to Philippoussis' hometown of Melbourne, Australia to meet his family.


Main theme: "Look of Love" by ABC


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