Nelson Davis
Bob Marvin
Dale Ulmer
Across The Board 1
Across The Board 2
QUBE: 7/22/1977
Warner QUBE

A broadcast pilot played similar to Blockbusters (before it ever came to the airwaves) where two teams try to make a top-down or left-right connection on a 4×4 hex board. To mark spaces on the board, the teams each took turns participating in stunts and answering questions.

This version of Across the Board was an attempt for an interactive game show for the Columbus, Ohio area.


Two contestants (a red and a green) stand at an on-the-floor game board of 16 hexagons. One of the hexagons is a free space consisting of both colors.

On a player's turn, home viewers representing the opponent's color vote on how many spaces the player in control can move using their QUBE consoles, either one, two, or three. The number of spaces were determined by how many lights of the player's color lit up. When moving, the contestant in control cannot land on a captured hexagon. When landing on a hexagon, a challenge was revealed. The player in control had to complete the challenge to capture the hexagon. On some hexagons, if one is captured, the contestant in control also won a prize. Some others, are penalty hexes that can hurt a player, bonus hexes that can help a player, or a mixture of both. The first player to make it across the board, wins the game and a collection of prizes.


Across the Board (Davis) at The Game Show Pilot Light

YouTube VideosEdit

A full episode hosted by Nelson Davis
A full episode hosted by Bob Marvin

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