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Ben Alexander
Tom Kennedy (sub)
Tom Kennedy
Pilot: 5/6/1959
ABC Daytime: 1/4/1960 - 6/30/1961
Ralph Edwards Productions

About Faces (not to be confused with All About Faces) was a short-lived daytime game show where contestants selected from the studio audience played various games along with the goal of reuniting long separated friends and relatives.


Two contestants were given clues about incidents about their lives. The first contestant to guess the relationship with the opposite person correctly was the winner and won prizes.


Ralph Edwards, based on Place the Face


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YouTube VideosEdit

The full 1960 premiere (special guest is Zsa Zsa Gabor)
Part 1
Part 2

A full episode from March 17, 1960 (Tom Kennedy sub-hosts; special guest is Margaret O'Brien)

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