Peter Haskell (Pilots)
Tom Kennedy (Series)
John Harlan
50GS 01
NBC Pilots: 7/21/1976
NBC Daytime: 10/4/1976 - 12/31/1976
Ralph Andrews Productions

(Contestants, categories and dollar amounts to be played) on NBC's biggest money program, the "50 Grand Slam"! And here's the star of the program, Tom Kennedy!

A short-lived attempt to revive the genre of big-money shows in the 1970s.


On this show, several Q & A games were played, focusing on different categories. Each category had nine players competing, but only two of them played at a time. The two players playing sat in an isolation booth and were asked a four-part question. The player to answer the most out of four (with a minimum of two) won the round, won some money and continued in that category. If the round ended in a tie, they both moved on in the category. Sometimes, stunts were played to determine the winner of a level. The solo winner of each category must then decide to either risk losing the money & keep playing or stop and take the cash. If the winning player can win eight times in row, he/she wins $50,000. The category continued until all nine players played or until somebody won the $50,000 grand prize. Players who made it to the $50,000 level and lost still won a brand new car.


Here are the payoffs for each level.

Games Won Award
1st Win $200
2nd Win $500
3rd Win $1,000
4th Win $2,000
5th Win $5,000
6th Win $10,000
7th Win $20,000
8th Win $50,000



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It premiered and ended on the same day as the show that preceded it on the NBC schedule, Stumpers!, which was hosted by Kennedy's good friend Allen Ludden, who appeared at the beginning of the premiere to wish Kennedy luck (Kennedy would do the same on Ludden's show which premiered after Kennedy's).

After 50 Grand Slam was cancelled, it was replaced with Tom's other show, the daytime version of Name That Tune.


50 Grand Slam @ Game Show Utopia

YouTube VideosEdit

The 1976 Premiere Episode

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The 1976 Finale Episode

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

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