A failed attempt at a new TV version of the classic parlor game.


Unsold Pilot: 1989


Buena Vista Television


Dick Wilson


Burton Richardson


Two teams of three (consisting of two celebrities & one contestant) competed in this version of the parlor game 20 Questions.

Round 1Edit

The teams tried to get their partners to guess what the subjects were by asking yes or no questions. Each team took 30 seconds (10 for each turn) to try & guess the subject, with the host giving a clue in between the pass offs from one team to the other. The first team to guess the subject won $50. The process was played three times.

Round 2Edit

Round two saw host Wilson giving all of the clues one at a time to both teams, and they buzzed in if they think they know what the host was talking about. Again each correct answer was worth $50, but $50 went to the other team should the buzz-in team answered wrong. The team with the most money at the end of that round won the game.

Bonus RoundEdit

In this bonus which was played like round one, the winning team attempted to guess five subjects correctly in a 60 second limit. Each correct subject was worth $100 and answering five subjects correctly won $10,000.

Supposedly, contestants stayed on the show until they lost twice.



20 Questions @ The Game Show Pilot Light
Broadcasting Magazine 11/28/88 (Ad for 20 Questions Included)

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