"The game is simple: either you're gonna win (pointing at the contestant) or they're gonna win (pointing to the mob)!" - Bob Saget

"If you get just one answer wrong, you will leave with nothing and the remaining members of the mob will split your money." - Bob Saget

"(insert contestant's name), are you ready?/Mob, are you ready?" - Bob Saget

"It's 1 vs. 100!" - Bob Saget

"It's 1 vs (insert any number but 100)!" - Bob Saget

"(insert number) [Remaining] Mob Members, please answer now!" - Bob Saget (from early episodes)

"Mob, please answer now!" - Bob Saget (from later episodes)

"Do you want the money...or Do you want the mob?" - Bob Saget

"He/She wants the mob!" - Bob Saget

"This game is simple: either you win or they win." - Carrie Ann Inaba

"For every 10 mob members you eliminate you move one step on our money ladder. If you knock out all 100 mob members, you win $50,000/$100,000! - Carrie Ann Inaba

"But if you get just 1 answer wrong, you leave with nothing and the remaining mob members will split your money." - Carrie Ann Inaba

"It's 1 vs. 100."- Carrie Ann Inaba

"It's 1 vs. (insert any number but 100)."- Carrie Ann Inaba

"Mob, lock it in!" - Carrie Ann Inaba

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