1vs.100 Pressman

Board GamesEdit

Pressman (2007)Edit

A board game based on the show was released by Pressman in 2007.

University Games (2007)Edit

They called their version Playable Puzzle for which you assemble first before answering questions.

Card GameEdit

Cardinal (2006)Edit

Cardinal released a card game in the same briefcase replica as their Deal or no Deal card game.

Video GamesEdit

DSi Games (2008)Edit

A game for the Nintendo DS with host Bob Saget on the cover was released.

Microsoft Game Studios (2009-2010)Edit

A live multiplayer online game was released for the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade from 2009-2010, the host for it was Chris Cashman while it's hostess in the game was Jen Taylor. (NOTE: There were two versions of the game, referred to as 1 vs. 100 Live and 1 vs. 100 Extended Play.)

DVD GameEdit

Mattel (2007)Edit

A DVD game was released based on the show featuring host Bob Saget on its cover.

Electronic GamesEdit

Irwin Toys (2007)Edit

Released a Tabletop and Handheld game based on the show.

Jakks Pacific (2010)Edit

A Plug N' Play unit was released, based on the show.

Mobile GamesEdit

Gameloft (2007)Edit

A mobile game was released for cell phones as well as the iPhone and iPod Touch. (2011)Edit

Games for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are currently released.

Online GamesEdit (2006)Edit

A Skill Game based on the show was released. (2011)Edit

An exclusive downloadable game was available from them. prior to this, a Facebook game was also released as well.

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