Jessica York
Jeff Thisted (sub, May-June 2007)
Shandi Finnessey (sub, May-June 2007)
Mel Peachey (February-April 2007)
100win logo
GSN: 2/20/2007 - 6/13/2007
Game Show Network (GSN)

100 Winners was a short-lived, two-hour live interactive game show, with simple minigames that were played throughout the program. If the player at home answered a question correctly, then s/he chose one of 100 safe deposit boxes on the set, each of which contained a prize of either cash or GSN merchandise.


  • This and Quiznation were part of GSN's short-lived PlayMania block.
  • The format was based on The Cash Vault, a segmented game that aired on the British version of Quiznation.


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