George Gray
Prize Delivery Guy
Ed McMahon
Chrissy Sanford
$25 Million Dollar Hoax alt
NBC: 11/8/2004 - 11/22/2004
Hallock Healey Entertainment
Reveille Productions

$25 Million Dollar Hoax consists of three unscripted hour-long episodes in which small-town girl Chrissy Sanford plays a hoax on her family by convincing them she had won a $5,000,000 lottery prize through the internet, and that it had changed her from a sweet girl into a spend-a-holic. This program is an example of reality television.


the show was an unscripted series help a daughter play a "practical hoax" on her family by convincing them she won the lottery and changed from a level-headed, sweet girl to a selfish spend-a-holic. Chrissy successfully pulled off the hoax which won her family over $400,000 in cash and prizes.

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Official Site (via Internet Archive)


Based on the British series Million Pound Hoax


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